Anonymous asked:

why do you think stars haven't won worlds recently? They have had gold worthy routines recently but never get 1st

wcss answered:

really difficult to say because each year i think it’s been a different reason. so i’ll make this really long and break it down year by year for you

2010: absolute robbery. they hit perfect and lost to a routine with a stunt fall and tumbling omission. i don’t have anything to say about that

2011: this year i felt like it could’ve gone to f5 or stars and the odds just were in f5s favor i guess

2012: stunt fall and a bobble. can’t be surprised they lost. shame because it was such a fun routine

2013: finals was the best performance i’ve seen out of stars since their last worlds win. but their building difficulty just wasn’t up to par with their competitors. i think that routine deserved at least second place

2014: execution. they finally had the difficulty they had been lacking but were out-executed by orange. stars were definitely sloppy in comparison and it hurts me to say that. 2nd place was earned


wcss For 2010 you are lying to yourself bc even YOU know that SE deserves that GOLD,not to hate on them but Stars has their 3peats in 2009 they were real great but it was SE year, the 360 ball up was phenomenal, they had a AMAZING pyramid, their routine was simply FLAWLESS and if SE had stunt fall and tumbling omission and still take that gold, it was probably bc they had a higher score.














rays new unis

i think they’re cute!!

I like the half tops way better

these are terrible I’m cringing so hard

I liked the old units better/:

The half tops are great but the full tops… Not so much

Maybe I’m dumb but why are there two different ones?

Ugh it looks like Plato or something idk that doesn’t make sense I can’t figure out what I’m trying to say

The half tops are oranges and the full tops are the rest of the gyms.

The half tops are for worlds teams not just orange and the full tops are for the rest.

They’re not terrible, but they’re a downgrade.


When will these Gyms learn “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” I mean wtf is this shit? No words, no words…..

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